UBC Summer Music Institute 2013 (Canada Study Tour)

Institute Directors:

Professor Martin Berinbaum (UBC)

Mr. Ringo Chan (PURE Orchestral Centre Hong Kong)

Co-presented by UBC School of Music & PURE Orchestral Centre

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Stepping into its seventeenth musical summer, The UBC Summer Music Institute 2013 (Study Tour) is jointly organized by School of Music, the University of British Columbia, BC, Canada. and PURE Orchestral Centre Hong Kong. It is co-directed by Martin Berinbaum, Professor Emeritus and Former Director for Band at UBC and Ringo Chan, Director of Pure Orchestral Centre of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Flute Centre. The purposes of the Institute are: (a) to enhance the musical instrument playing skills of all participants, (b) to solidify their independence and teamwork ability, (c) to learn from top-notched faculty at a world-renowned North American university, and (d) to maximize the effective use and return of the summer vacation. UBC SMI 2013 is suitable for players: Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor Saxophone,  French Horn, Tube, Percussion, Drum set and Bassoon etc.

Our first Institute (Study Tour) in 2002 and subsequent institutes from 2004 to 2012 were all executed with great successes. Feedbacks were extremely positive. Students' instrumental playing skills and English proficiency have significantly improved. Cross-cultural friendships were built. Global experience was added to each of the participant. Here are some of the many feedbacks from the parents/participants evidencing the institute is truly wonderful and value adding...

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UBC SMI 2013 Study Tour Leaflet
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March 31, 2007
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July 19, 2002
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"I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the hard work of the PURE UBC team for taking good care of the "troop". It is not an easy task to manage a group comprised of young men, ladies, boys and girls and to cater for the needs of the different age groups. I have kept in close contact with my son (a 13 year old) during his stay in Canada. Judging from the decreasing frequency of phone calls he had with me, I deduced that he must be having a wonderful time and the reassurance of the familiar voice from home was not needed. My son told me that he has learned a great deal through the English classes and the music tuitions. It certainly is an eye-opener for youngsters from Hong Kong to interact with their peers in Canada. I will not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. Keep up with the good work."

Mr. Wong
Parent of Raimondi College (Primary Section)
SMI 2007

"I sincerely thank you for the great job you have done. So efficient and well organised. Really, thank you!"

Michael Cheung
St. Paul's Co-educational College
SMI 2008

"Congratulations for the excellent job. I enjoy reading the diary and the photos. Really great!"

Mrs. Ng
Parent of Canadian International School of Hong Kong
SMI 2004

The UBC Summer Music Institute 2013 will be held from July 6 (Saturday) to July 22(Monday) at the UBC School of Music in Vancouver, Canada.   More and more information about the UBC SMEI 2013 will be included in this website as we progress forward.

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加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學 音樂夏令營(遊學團)

世界著名學府加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學 (UBC) 音樂學院舉辦的音樂夏令營(遊學團)是一項大型暑期訓練營。自一九九二年起成立至今取錄超過一萬位來自香港、美加各省份及 亞洲各國等地學員,一起參與為期兩星期的管樂及聲樂訓練課程, 適合吹奏長笛、單簧管、長號(伸縮號)、小號(喇叭)、次中音號、大號、法國號、敲擊樂、巴松管、爵士鼓及色士風等等的學員參加,讓不同文化背景的青少年聚首一堂,分享對音樂的熱誠及群體生活上的樂趣。

此夏令營由UBC音樂學院策劃,並由香港純樂管弦中心及香港長笛中心協辦統籌。夏令營(遊學團)由加拿大著名管樂指揮大師,馬田.巴倫邦教授及本港著名音樂教育家陳子愉擔任聯合總監。整個訓練課程由超過八十位來自UBC音樂學院教授及器樂導師、溫哥華交響樂團樂手及溫哥華著名爵士樂手主持任教。當中包括UBC交響管樂團總監 巴倫邦教授、夏威夷大學管弦樂總監 奧卡梅立教授、著名加拿大爵士樂教育家夏拉教授等。整個課程包括具極高水平之管樂及聲樂訓練 、大師班及工作坊等活動。學員亦將於國際知名的陳氏演藝中心作結業公開演出。 參與學員將被安排入住全新大學宿舍及享用豐富膳食。完成課程後各學員將獲發由UBC 音樂學院發出的結業証書一張。

純樂管弦中心 (PURE Orchestral Centre)
電話: 3520 2628
瀏覽網址: http://puremusic.hk/ubc

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